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Vacuum Belt 101

What is the least expensive thing you can do to improve your vacuum’s performance?

CHANGE THE BELT!  Sounds simple, but almost every vacuum cleaner in the world has a belt, and many of those require frequent changing. In today’s world there are two types of belts – the stretchy rubber type and the “permanent” non-stretch type. If your vacuum uses a rubber belt, we recommend changing it 3-4 times a year. If you wait for it to break, it’s already too late! Let’s look at why:

Rubber belts, regardless of brand, are basically big rubber bands. To install it, you have to stretch it over the roller and back to the motor that drives it.  At this point, within 6 months, it will have stretched to over an inch longer than it was – even if you never turned it on! Rubber bands stretch, and they will STAY stretched after a while.  SO?

So, in order for your vacuum to clean properly, the brush roll (the part that spins against your carpet) has to spin, combing the carpet fibers, lifting the nap, loosening the dirt for the air stream to carry away. The more the belt is stretched, the slower the brush will spin, until you reach the point where it won’t spin at all!

Not only will it not clean properly, but you will also probably find the vacuum gets harder and harder to push, as well!  Eventually, you’ll start to smell the wonderful aroma of burning rubber in your house, and hopefully will know it’s time for a new belt! It’s an easy thing to do, very inexpensive (most belts are less than $5-10) , and you’ll be amazed at the results!  In fact, if your vacuum was purchased from us at Quality Vac & Sew, you can have your belt installed for FREE! Free is good, right?

Don’t want to have to think about belts?  we can do that, too!  Stop by and let us show you how to be rid of rubber belts forever!

Happy Vacuuming,  Steve